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We offer Polish production extruders, using reputable European components. Extruder drive on an AC motor controlled inverter, hopper adapted to work with granulate, milling or powder. Monolithic or segmented augers for processing a wide range of materials.
The offer of typical extruders and specially designed according to customer wishes:
• Diameter of the screw from 20 ÷ 180 [mm]
• L/D: 20 ÷ 45
• Efficiency: 10 ÷ 1200 [kg/h]

Advantages for the customer:
• High-class equipment with many additional options.
• The plasticizing system is made of high-quality steel
• Rossi Motoriduttori gears with the use of skewed bevel wheels and high-quality materials ensure quiet operation and long life of mechanisms
• Siemens motor, solid and durable construction
• A robust and durable design, 100% compliant with CE requirements.
• Heating and cooling subassemblies, driving and electrical components of the best European brands
• Easy to use and modern controller and Delta or B&R operating system
• Universal and at the same time designed for more demanding applications
• Supply of additional zones via a quick coupler
• Easy disassembly of the plasticizing system
• Three-colour lamp signalling the operating status of the extruder
• Mass pressure measurement at selected points of the extruder/line
• Measurement of the mass pressure at selected points of the extruder/line

Głogowo, ul. Akacjowa 1, 87-123 Dobrzejewice
NIP: 879-266-69-18, BDO 000026444
email: biuro@wwekochem.com
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