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New generation RW head designed and produced by WW Ekochem
The cutting system in the cooling ring with pneumatic pressure is a granulation system of a wide range of polymer materials widely used in the PTS industry. The RW model is entirely the designed and implemented by WW Ekochem.
Is characterised by:
• Compact structure
• High performance
• Pneumatic clamping of the knife holder
• Linear guides
• Easy replacement of knives
• Solid performance

The head is equipped with a pneumatic clamping system for cutting knives. The air first is supplied to the air preparation block which is to clean the compressed air of impurities through the used filter and to set and maintain a constant pressure value. The solenoid valve is controlled through the main control point. The pneumatic system is connected to the head control, when the head is started the pneumatic system is automatically started too.
The head opens on linear guides which guarantees the system's axiality.
1. Flow block
2. Cutting unit
3. Tank
4. Cover
5. Support frame
6. Cover
7. Pneumatic system
9 – 10. Heaters
11. Buckle closure

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