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The water jacket pelletizing system with the pneumatic clamping is the system widely used in the plastics processing industry for pelletizing different polymer materials. The RW pelletizing system model and WP spin dryer are entirely designed and manufactured by WW Ekochem.

Plasticized material from the extruder is transported to the flow block. From there the polymer flows through the abaxial channels to the die plate, where it is pushed through the holes, distributing the material into single strands. The material is then cut with the rotating cutting knife. The cutting knife is pushed to the die plate by the pneumatic system, whose two pneumatic cylinders are actuators. Air to
the cylinders is distributed by the diverter valves from the pressure regulator.

The palletizing system includes also the Spin Dryer manufactured in two sizes i.e. WP-200 and WP-300, depending on the required capacity. The high capacity spin dryer with high drying capacity and the RW palletizer work in a closed water circulation system. They are characterised by low power consumption, easy use and easy replacement of components.

• Alignment of the tank and cutting assembly
• Parallelism between the linear bearing housing axis and guide shaft axis
• Reliable operation of the pneumatic clamping (outside the area where there is water)
• Short time of the system setting
• Compact structure
• High capacity
• Pneumatic clamping of the knife holder•Easy replacement of knives

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