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The company has its origins in recycling and is constantly developing in this field. All our activities are geared towards having a positive impact on our environment:
• we are one of the leading companies in Poland in the field of reprocessing plastics for use in production
• the additives to plastics of our manufacture, including moisture absorber, are used in recycling companies all over Europe
• our thermoplastic elastomers can be recycled many times, which prevents waste
• we are a renowned and respected European manufacturer of machines and complete technological lines used in recycling.
• our production lines use very little water and only in closed circuits
• we closely cooperate with Environmental Protection in the continuous improvement of pro-ecological principles and procedures
• we participate in many projects aimed at reducing or reusing plastic waste
• our laboratory is working on biodegradable plastics

Głogowo, ul. Akacjowa 1, 87-123 Dobrzejewice
NIP: 879-266-69-18, BDO 000026444
email: biuro@wwekochem.com
tel: 56 6744500
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