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Optical sorters for loose materials for separation of grinding and food - wherever the most important is the quality and purity of the material. The purification efficiency reaches 99.99%, thanks to the highest sorting accuracy material losses are limited to a minimum. The range of achieved capacities is from 500 kg / h to 16 t / h depending on the type of input material and the degree of pollution. Advanced technology of data processing systems that determine the speed and precision of sorting allows for even faster sorters. The latest generation CCD cameras allow to achieve the highest possible level of element recognition. Pneumatic selenium ejectors with increased durability are characterized by many years of trouble-free operation without a decalibration effect.

Advantages for the customer:
• significant improvement in the quality of the material
• higher resale price of sorted material
• quick depreciation of incurred costs
• low level of losses in rejected material due to the accuracy of cameras and pneumatic ejectors
• intuitive and extremely simple operation of the machine by the operator
• remote control from a smartphone, laptop etc.
• low energy consumption
• the ability to sort various materials on the same machine
• the ability to sort by type of material using additional infrared cameras
Drop soters:
The material is fed onto the drop from where it gravitatively moves to the recognition and separation section. CCD cameras recognize the material by colors, shades, shape, etc., guided by the set parameters, then the unwanted material is pneumatically rejected using the ejector system. Rejected material is most often returned for re-sorting on subsequent discharges to recover accepted material.
Belt sorters:
The material is fed onto the drive belt, from where it goes directly to the recognition and separation section. They are most often used for materials with high bulk density - such as metal milling, glass, sand, grit, etc. Belt sorters can also be equipped with infrared cameras.
X-ray sorters:
They use x-rays to eliminate unwanted materials of the same color, differing only in their internal structure. This allows the separation of various types of material or food (similar to near infrared technology) as well as the elimination of internally damaged materials.

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