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Quick response time
More than ten qualified workers specialised in machine servicing, automation and plastic processing solutions
Comprehensive operations: from diagnosis to repair, spare parts and training

We offer wide range of components for extruders and extrusion lines such as: plasticizing systems, gear units, geared motors, heating and cooling systems, servo drives, components for control cabinets and other components and parts making up extruders and extrusion lines.

We ensure comprehensive deliveries of our machines and relocation of lines at the customer.

Machine inspections:
During the warranty period we ensure a full machine inspection via remote access to machines with the Ethernet system (an additional purchase option). We carry out routine inspections of machines and lines to maintain a line in the best condition, rectify current failures and ensure failure-free machine operation.

Machine installation:
We provide free installation for customers who buy our machines or lines. We also start any other extrusion line
of European or Asian manufacturers.

Machine and equipment repairs:
We perform repairs during both warranty and post-warranty periods. Our service personnel is fully qualified and trained in the inspections and repairs of not only our machines but also of European and Asian manufacturers.

Technical support:
Comprehensive industry knowledge and many years of experience allow us to offer technical and technological consulting on many issues related to plastic processing.

projects of technological lines
operation optimization to reduce operating costs
selection of peripheral equipment and designing the closed recirculating cooling water systems
visualisation of the line arrangement in a production hall.
Głogowo, ul. Akacjowa 1, 87-123 Dobrzejewice
NIP: 879-266-69-18, BDO 000026444
email: biuro@wwekochem.com
tel: 56 6744500
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