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Plasticizing systems

Our company has many years of experience in the design and selection of the appropriate geometry of plasticizing systems depending on the processed raw material and type of production. In order to make new plasticizing systems and additional elements, we offer our clients measurement and creation of accurate technical documentation along with the selection of the best process parameters.

We offer:

  • Screws and cylinders for single screw extruders
  • Screws and cylinders for twin-screw extruders: conical and parallel
  • Plasticizing systems for injection molding machines
  • Monolithic and segmental screws and cylinders
  • Screw tips
  • Elements of extruder screws and injection molding machines
  • Shut-off and mixing valves
  • Elements of extrusion heads
  • Nozzles and blow heads

We provide our clients with:

  • Optimization of geometry according to the properties of the processed material, through proper transport and flow characteristics, good alloy homogenization and low power consumption.
  • Designing new geometries for all types of plasticizing systems
  • Measurement of the degree of system wear at the customer
  • Technical consultancy in a very wide range

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