For many years, the scope of WW Ekochem's activity covered only the distribution of raw materials for plastics processing. It was mainly PVC granulate in primary form. The cooperation with Atofina GmbH in Germany, and then ARKEMA - a producer of the highest quality plastics, including PVC, was started.

The long-term cooperation with Arkema has resulted in establishing cooperation with the largest PVC processing companies in Poland. Our company draws on the effects of this cooperation and experience in PVC processing till this day. Further work and active creation of the reality of WW Ekochem operating in the face of the dynamically developing economic environment was aimed at meeting our clients’ diverse needs.

Many years of cooperation with well-known plastic manufacturers such as ARKEMA, WELLMAN, EASTMAN, DuPoint, INVISTA, PLASTICO TRADING, RESIL Belgium, allowed us to collect practical knowledge for further work to understand customers’ needs even more.

The effect of many years of cooperation with plastic processing plants was to expand the activity of our company with recycling of plastics.

We provide comprehensive services in the field of collection of production waste from many global concerns, including household appliances, tires, windows, packaging, medical and other industries.

At present, apart from PVC in the form of SPVC powder and soft granules recognized by European manufacturers, we offer a wide range of recyclates in the form of granules, regranulates, grinds, powders of such materials as: ABS, ASA, EVA, PA, PC, PE, PET, PMMA, PP, PS, PVC, TPE.

In our offer you will also find new equipment for plastics processing. We are able to meet even the most sophisticated needs, always finding a compromise between price and delivery options.

We offer high-quality automatic extrusion machines with the blow moulding feature for the production of packaging/bottles from materials: HDPE, PP, PVC, COEX.

Moreover, we offer single-screw extruders - with a screw diameter from 20mm up to 150mm, pressing capacity (depending on the material processed) from 35 up to 900 kg/hour, L/D 25-38 and double-screw - parallel or conical - for the production of pipes, boards, PVC profiles in the form of dry-blend. Lines for extrusion of PVC, PE, PPR, PEX pipes. Lines for production of profiles - high-performance devices from 150 - 450 kg/hour. For production of multi-channel window profiles, PVC wiring ducts on double-screw extruders. Granulation lines - possible on single- and double-screw extruders, with or without gas, with cutting at the head, with a manual or hydraulic sieve exchanger. These lines are custom-made for a specific query and customer needs. Instead of full production lines you can purchase individual peripheral equipment needed for your production. This is equipment with own controls that can be "plugged" into the production line at any time.

A wide range of products, as well as high flexibility in production, proven production methods, extensive technological knowledge and, above all, many years of experience, create opportunities to meet the individual requirements set by clients.

We always offer assistance and technical advice. We prepare inquiries based on designs or technical documentation provided by the client.

All products in our extensive standard assortment, as well as those made according to the client's requirements, meet the functional and quality requirements offered by this industry's current market.

This means that quality control is made in accordance with the applicable ISO 9001; ISO 14001 directives.

This guarantees that we offer consistent high quality of products.

The basis of our success is committed work of our team of employees who are constantly striving to provide our clients with high-quality service.

We are a flexible company open to any type of cooperation in the field of our business, as well as innovative undertakings.

Each of our activities is profitable, and they complement each other. They cause greater competitiveness on the market, and thanks to the implemented diversification of revenue sources their level is stabilized for a longer time. We also have the ability to implement new and expensive investments. We have not completed the construction of our company, and the expected development will be based on the best partners. Those are ARKEMA GmbH, INVISTA Resins and other companies with which we have been cooperating for a long time.

Further information can be obtained at the following e-mail address: and phone number: (0-56) 674-20-05