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Privacy policy i cookies

Personal data

1. Who will be the administrator of your data?

Administrator of your personal data is WW EKOCHEM Sp. z o.o., Sp.kom. Głogowo, ul. Akacjowa 1, 87-123 Dobrzejewice, TAX ID: 879-266-69-18.

2. For what purpose we want to process your personal data and on what basis?

Not all the data we collect is personal data in accordance with the Act, i.e. not all data allow us to identify a specific person. While those that can serve us only in order to provide you the content as close as possible to your expectations or to contact in order to respond to the request made by the contact forms on the page.

Our services are not dedicated to persons under 16 years of age. If we are able to verify that the user is an adolescent, that person's data will not be processed for any purpose.

If you have agreed to:

- Cookies files (more about which later in the article, it requires your consent)

Our cookies do not collect personal data, they are only used to leave information on your device for our website, what scope of data you accept, whether you consented to leave additional cookies and whether you consented to the processing of data for marketing purposes. In addition to the above, for correct and safe operation our website also leaves session cookies on your device. We do not analyze these files in any other way and do not provide us with personal data that we could process.

- Marketing consent (including profiling, requires your permission)

We process your personal data only for the purposes of our own marketing, i.e. in order to present you with dedicated ads or offers that we adapt to your preferences based on what you are looking for on our website or the location in which your device is located.

The location concerns only the determination of the IP number, it is an approximate location, and in the case of mobile internet it is simply impossible for us to determine.

- Newsletter (requires your consent and confirmation of subscription by clicking the link in the email)

If we run a newsletter, you want to subscribe to it and confirm your subscription, then the personal data you leave us, i.e. name and e-mail, will only be used to send cyclical information related solely to the subject of the site. We will not send you information not related to our business.

- Contact form (under each form there is information regarding personal data, requires your consent)

The personal data that you provide to us in the contact form will only be used to answer the query to which the form relates. You do not have to enter all the data in the form, but some are necessary to prepare the right offer. The ones that are necessary will depend on the specific form.

3. Do we transfer your data to other entities?

We may disclose your data only to entities authorized to obtain data on the basis of applicable law, e.g. courts or law enforcement authorities - of course only if they make a request based on an appropriate legal basis.

Your data may also be accessed by companies working on our behalf to optimize the operation of the site. These companies do not have our consent to process this data for purposes other than the implementation of our orders.

If you want to receive detailed information about who your data may be shared with, please contact us at the following email address:

We do not transfer your data to third countries to entities other than owners of social media, due to the nature of these entities, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Google.

4. What can you do with your data?

You have the right to access your data, change them, limit processing and submit a request to delete them. You can also change the scope of data that you want to share with us, withdraw consent to the processing of personal data, transfer your data to other administrators, you also have the right to be forgotten by us if this does not conflict with other rights, e.g. in connection with the implementation of contracts or the need to store accounting documents.

Remember, you have the right to withdraw your consent to data processing at any time without affecting the lawfulness of the processing that was carried out on the basis of consent before its withdrawal.

5. How long do we store your data?

The data we receive from you will be stored indefinitely, because thanks to historical data we will be able to better analyze changes in your preferences and the preferences of other users.

If you do not agree to the indefinite storage of data, please contact us at:

6. Do you have to provide your personal data?

Providing personal data is not mandatory, you can turn off marketing consent and cookies at any time in the settings in the lower left corner of the page, however, for technical and organizational reasons, certain page functionalities will not be available to you. You will not be able to send the contact form without providing basic data enabling us to answer or providing incorrect data.

7. If you decide that we do not properly care for the security of your data, please contact us, we care about your satisfaction. You also have the right to make a complaint with PUODO (President of the Office for Personal Data Protection).


Cookies files

Like any other website, our website also uses cookies. It is a very useful tool enabling, e.g. remembering the date of your last visit.

What are cookies files?

Cookies are very small text files containing specific information about a given website. They are downloaded to your computer when you visit a website, and then the computer accesses them whenever you visit the same website again in the future. Cookies do not have access to any other data on your computer, they cannot read or edit them.

Why do we use cookies files?

We use cookies for several reasons - they enable statistics of website use and make it easier for users to use it and share information on it, leave our website with information about the consents you have given and because the mechanisms of operation and security of websites are mostly based on this technology.
What cookies do we use?

Google Analytics - providing statistics on website usage, number of visits and content viewed. More information about the Google Analytics privacy policy and cookies can be found here.

Facebook - thanks to the active files the application remembers the user's session and allows the user to easily share content or their liking.

Systemowe – thanks to them, we know whether you consented to the above cookies and your consents or objections to the processing of personal data.

How can you disable cookies?

Disabling cookies in a web browser is simple. Relevant instructions on this subject can be found on the websites of most popular browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari.

Please note that if you disable cookies and notice any malfunction of any part of the website, you can return to this page and enable cookies again.

Date of publication: 22.05.2018r.