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Transparent Filler Masterbatch

Eko-Filler N - Transparent Filler Masterbatch

Reduces production costs

Ensures the transparency of the final product
Increases production efficiency
Improves the mechanical properties of the product
Constant availability - production in WW Ekochem plant

Eko-Filler N - transparent filler masterbatch in granulated form. Contains 80% of transparent inorganic salts well dispersed in metallocene LLDPE (m-LLDPE, LLDPE-C6) and additives which improve processing. It significantly reduces production costs while keeping the mechanical properties and transparency of the final product. Compared to the standard CaCO3 filler, Eko-filler N as a transparent filler does not change the color of the final product and allows to keep full contact transparency.

The pictures below show LDPE films of 50 microns:
The pictures show LDPE films of 50 microns.

Advantages of using Eko-Filler N:

  • reduces the production cost: replacement of 30% of virgin polymers generate savings at the level of 10%
  • EKO-FILLER N is a filler masterbatch for PP and PE based products where the transparency is the priority
  • improves the mechanical properties due to its unique composition and high quality raw material used
  • increases production throughput due to the thermal conductivity and faster cooling
  • maintains the dimensional stability of the product
  • improves printability
  • Dosing rate: 5 - 40% film blown extrusion:, 15 - 30% container blow moulding, 10 - 30% pipes, profiles, sheets and injected products
  • Compatible with the following polymer types: LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, ethylene copolymers (e.g. EVA, EBA, etc) and PP.

*Keep in dry, ventilated, cool place. Shelf life: 12 months.
*The addition rate of the product recommended above can be used for orientation purposes only. Optimal dosing levels are determined through a series of laboratory tests.

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