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Parallel extruders

Segmented twin screw extruders

Segment twin screw extruders are used in processing to increase the quality of products and more effective plasticization of plastics, including difficult-to-process materials with additives, as well as for the processing of biodegradable materials.

Constructional solutions:

  • constructions and screw speeds, engine power adapted to the specifics of production process and the extruded detail
  • The segmented construction of the screws and the cylinder allows for any and very easy change of the geometry and length of the plasticizing system
  • each segment is equipped with a temperature sensor type J or Pt, sockets for connecting an additional dispenser or degassing
  • the loading segment has a separate, closed water cooling system
  • cylinder and screw thermoregulation system - individual water cooling for each zone
  • the screw drive assembly consists of an AC motor whose speed is precisely controlled by means of an inverter
  • gears designed for suitably high loads and moments, and the use of wheels with oblique teeth and materials high quality ensure quiet operation and long life of the mechanisms
  • convenient 10'' or 15'' touch screen with the ability to save recipes
  • built-in wi-fi enables remote control of extruder operation and service

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