Our Offer


Our offer includes extruder-blowers for the production of packaging such as bottles, canisters, containers, candle inserts, as well as industrial products for the automotive, sanitary or road industries.

The machines we offer, depending on type and configuration, may have:

  • one-, two-, three-, four- or six-fold, or accumulation continuous-type head,
  • single- or multi-layer heads with the possibility of co-extruding the view bar,
  • single or double forming station,
  • MOOG wall thickness adjustment system up to 300 points
  • automatic deburring system adapted to a given product,
  • product cooling system after forming, the so-called post cooling,
  • production waste recycling system,
  • automatic lubrication system
  • IML system - labelling in form,
  • automatic leak test,

We approach each project individually to be able to meet production goals set by our contractors. To receive a binding offer, it is necessary to precisely determine the product, production conditions and the expected performance. Our consultants will help you to choose the optimal device.

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    Elastomery termoplastyczne

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    Moisture absorber

    Moisture absorber (Eko-Absorber) is a modifying additive for plastics in the form of granules based on LDPE and calcium oxide (active substa...

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