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Film recycling lines

A typical PE/PP film recycling line we offer consists of a belt feeder that loads the raw material to the agglomerator. After concentration, the mass is fed directly to the plasticizing system. Filtered and degassed plastic mass is fed to the head in a water jacket where it is cut into granules. Then the granules after centrifugation and calibration on the vibrating table is fed into the silo.

A robust and durable design, 100% compliant with CE requirements.
New lines, under warranty, warranty and post-warranty service.
We provide consultancy and technical support in a wide range of line parameter optimization.

        1. Equipment for film recycling lines:

  • cutting system in a water jacket with a pneumatic clamp head
  • analogue control or 15” touch panel
  • vacuum or natural degassing
  • optionally: single or cascading lines
  • high-efficiency granule-drying centrifuge made entirely of stainless steel
  • vibrating table - for dosing and calibration of granules
  • supply of additional zones via a quick coupler
  • three-colour lamp signalling the operating status of the line
  • mass pressure measurement at selected points of the extruder/line

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