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Waste collection

It is estimated that recycling 1 ton of plastic waste saves around 4 barrels of oil. At the same time, we avoid emissions of 1,6 tonnes of CO2 equivalent, and we consume almost 90 percent. less energy than when producing new raw material.*

If you stack the LEGO blocks one on top of the other, creating an ever higher tower, you could reach 3,5 kilometers high before the element at the very bottom destroys under the pressure of the higher ones. For comparison - the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, is just 830 meters high.**

Realizing the goal of limiting the production of new plastics, WW EKOCHEM deals with the collection of waste, its processing to the level of regrind or regranulate and putting it into reuse.

We have all the permits required by law for the collection and processing of waste.

Our offer is addressed to:

  • Enterprises and plants generating waste through production processes
  • Recycling and recovery companies

 What makes us stand out?

  • Comprehensive service for the collection of production waste, from logistics planning, providing packaging for waste collection, to the formal side in the form of issued waste transfer cards.
  • Skilful processing of waste obtained this way, ensures that the products in our offer are high quality and allow for reuse of the material even in complicated and demanding production processes.
  • Experienced staff and modern machinery allow for effective cooperation with our suppliers and end customers.
  • Timely payments and pickups
  • Our activities are adapted to the requirements of both national and European law
  • We provide our contractors with high quality services and flexible terms of cooperation.

 What do we retrieve?


and other: PC, TPE, TPV, TPO, TPU.


*https://www.teraz-srodowisko.pl **https://joemonster.org

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