Our Offer

Waste collection

We have been recycling plastics for 20 years. We cooperate with companies in the country and abroad. During this time, the quality of our services has significantly increased. Experienced staff and a modern machine park allow for effective cooperation with our suppliers as well as end customers. 

We provide comprehensive services for the collection of plastic production waste - starting from logistic planning, providing packaging for waste collection, to the formal side in the form of issued waste transfer cards.

Skilful processing of obtained waste ensures that the products from our offer are of high quality and allow reusing material even in complex and demanding processing.

Our offer is targeted at:

  • Enterprises and plants generating waste in production processes
  • Recycling and recovery companies

What distinguishes us from other companies?

  • Timely payments and acceptances
  • Our activity is adapted to the requirements of both national and European laws
  • Rich technical infrastructure (containers, machines, technical facilities, laboratory)
  • Flexible cooperation terms - we always adapt to our suppliers
  • Knowledge of the processing industry - 15 years of experience
  • Experienced staff
  • Rich processing facilities
  • High level of processing - 6,000 tons per year

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    Elastomery termoplastyczne

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  • 23/08/2018

    Moisture absorber

    Moisture absorber (Eko-Absorber) is a modifying additive for plastics in the form of granules based on LDPE and calcium oxide (active substa...

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