WWEkochem has been conducting comprehensive activities on the Polish and foreign plastics markets since 1998. By cooperating with many global companies in the industry, among others, household appliances, tires, window, packaging and medical technology, we specialize in:

Regranulation of own and entrusted materials, compounding of various types of granules, trade in granules, regranulates, grinds and industrial waste, purchase of plastic production waste.

More than ten years of cooperation with plastic processing companies from various industries, and getting to know the needs resulted in extending WW EKOCHEM's activity with compounding.

The use of plastics in applications that had previously been reserved for other materials has increased the demand for modified materials.

In our offer, you will find a wide range of polymer blends with various properties. We use individually selected compounding of polymers, and the blends are selected both in terms of required parameters and their future use. Thanks to a careful selection of modifiers and ingredients of mixtures, we adapt to the requirements our clients set.

If there is a demand for material with special properties, we offer help in finding the optimal solution.

We also provide services in the scope of grinding production waste and regranulation. We have permits from various administrative levels to collect, store and recover post-production waste.

We issue relevant documents, i.e. waste transfer card, confirmation of recycling, and we guarantee timely payments.

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