Moisture absorber

Moisture absorber (Eko-Absorber) is a modifying additive for plastics in the form of granules based on LDPE and calcium oxide (active substance) that absorbs moisture and degasses plastic raw materials.

The removal of moisture from plastics is an important element of the production process, because even small amounts of water can damage the final material or create a lower value product (e.g. with less resistance to damage). For this reason, specialist equipment is used which dries the material, such as dryers and dehumidifiers.

The problem of degassing of plastic in production is also very important. During the material movement in the extruder cylinder, its pressure and temperature increases, which results in the release of volatile components from plastic material. Compressed gas molecules create gas-filled spaces in material, which decreases the quality of the final product.

Eko-Absorber inactivates some contaminations and impurities (e.g. acidic chlorine compounds) from regrinds and regranulates of PE, PP, ABS, PS, PVC, PA.

The use of a moisture absorber completely eliminates the need to dry the material in the dryer. The reaction of the active substance contained in the additive takes place directly during the plastification process, i.e. plastic processing. The use of Eko-Absorber is an investment leading to a reduction in electricity consumption and, as a result, an increase in energy efficiency of companies.

It should be noted that the scope of application of the Eko-Absorber is broad and covers practically every branch of the industry in which granules, regranulates, grinds and agglomerates are used during production, including: foil production, pipe production, material recycling. Such a broad application range gives the opportunity to use electric energy more efficiently for a large group of companies.

Sometimes, ecological solutions increase a company's costs. The Eko-Absorber allows reducing the costs of the production process, obtaining a product of full value (degassed and dried) - all in environmentally friendly conditions. Already at a small amount (0.5% - 5% - depending on moisture and the use of the finished product), Eko-Absorber fulfils its task.

The Eko-Absorber's packaging is also environmentally friendly. The product is packed into LDPE plastic bags, which are 100% recyclable. The packaging method eliminates most empty spaces, which allows for an ergonomic product transport. The Eco-absorber is filled in 5, 10 and 25 kg bags.

WW EKOCHEM understands the importance of sustainable development policy, including the use of environmentally friendly technologies and production methods, limiting the intensity of resource consumption, and building a competitive low-emission economy. We believe that the Eco-absorber is a confirmation of these words.

It should also be added that based on the audit that had been carried out, SGS POLSKA Sp. z o. o. has confirmed that WW EKOCHEM meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard in the field of "Recycling, processing and sales of plastics. Design, production and service of machines for plastics processing”. The implemented Quality Management System compliant with this standard helps us to monitor the quality of production processes, optimize costs and increase customer satisfaction.


Why Eko-Absorber?

  • It has the most active ingredient - as much as 80%
  • Constant availability - production takes place at the plant. It is possible to adjust the size of the packaging to the customer's needs.
  • Dosing - the Eko-Absorber should be dosed between 0.5% and 5% by weight, depending on moisture and the use of the finished product.
  • The Eko-Absorber is produced in two variants - standard and premium.
  • It is compatible with almost any plastic.
  • It has PZH approval.